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Car Seat Ventilation Fan with USB

Car Seat Ventilation Fan with USB

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Car Seat Ventilation Fan with USB

Temperature Regulation: The cooling car fan helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the rear seats, preventing overheating and discomfort for both babies and pets during hot weather.

  • Preventing Overheating
  • USB Plug Convenience
  • Easy Installation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Compact and Portable
  • Multipurpose Use passengers or pets during use.

Air Circulation: The fan ensures proper air circulation in the rear area of the car, promoting better ventilation and reducing stuffiness.

Preventing Overheating: Cars can heat up quickly, especially when parked under the sun. The fan helps prevent the car's interior from overheating when the air conditioning is not running.

 Baby Comfort: Babies can get fussy and uncomfortable in a hot car. The fan helps keep them cool and calm, leading to a more enjoyable ride for both the baby and the parents.

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